Friday, July 10, 2015

Featured Friday - Lauren Bergold!!!

Well you all are in for a TREAT today. If you're a new follower to my blog 1) you are awesome! and 2) Featured Friday is a once-a-month segment around these parts in which I highlight another crafty blogger who is a huge inspiration to me. 

Getting to know other bloggers has been a huge part of what drives me to create and without further ado, I will introduce this month's Featuree:

hi there!

Firstly - how cool is her blog name?! It's just one of the MANY examples of Lauren's hilarious personality. 

I first stumbled upon Lauren's blog after viewing some of her amazing work on a design team challenge inspiration post. Her downright miraculous treatment of patterned paper leaves me incredulous every time I see one of her creations. Many of her designs include zero white space and patterns that I never would have thought to pair!


She's Artsy with a capital A - she frequently draws her own designs and goes beyond cardmaking with ATCs, fancy index cards, and mini-journals. 

But why let me tell you all about Lauren, when she can tell you about all about herself? Here are 7 things you should know about Lauren:

1. How did you get your crafty start?

I'm pretty convinced there's a "craft gene" and I was born with it. My mom and her sister are crafty, their dad was very creative, my nieces and nephew love to draw and color and make stuff... it's just a thing we all do!

2. What is your favorite "style" of crafting?

Collage has always been my favorite medium and I'm definitely a "more is more" kind of gal, lol! I love lots of layers, pattern-on-pattern, vintage ingredients, found objects and loads of texture. I really admire people who can do "clean and simple" but alas, I'm not one of them.

3. If you could be any color, which would it be and why?

Can I be a rainbow? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease??!?!! If not, I guess I'll be hot pink, to cheer everyone up! :)

4. What is the best craft organization tip you have?

Think about how you personally work best and think realistically about how much stuff you actually have. We all love pretty containers but let's face it, the plain sturdy ones tend to hold more and last longer. I store as many things as possible vertically (like a book shelf), so I can browse and access individual items easily; if I have to dig through a *pile* the stuff on the bottom just won't get used. I also keep a "basic kit" of things i use constantly (scissors, adhesives, pens)next to my prime workspace, and a duplicate set in my travel bag, because i was constantly forgetting at least one vital thing when teaching or taking classes.

5. What are your favorite card making/scrapbooking challenges to participate in?

Well Shopping Our Stash and Jingle Belles are both very near and dear to my heart, obviously! I also love the Cardabilities sketches. Fusion Card Challenge always inspires. The Crooked Stamper Sketch Challenge is pretty awesome... and I'm not just saying that because Leslie is my friend and I designed the graphic for it, lol! For the last three summers, I've participated in The Index Card a Day project (aka ICAD) via the Daisy Yellow Art blog, which is not a challenge in the traditional sense, but which I find hugely helpful for recharging mojo and trying new things.

6. What is your least favorite crafting supply?

Hmmmmmm... that's really tough! I don't think there's any particular category I dislike. I suppose I'd have to say anything that's badly designed or doesn't work right. Punches that line up poorly, dies which don't release and unreliable adhesives don't last long at my house. Life's too short!

7. What is your best advice for new crafty bloggers?

Try not to get too caught up in the "comparison" game. There will always be people who are a skill-level above and below you, this is true of EVERYTHING in life. Make things you love, keep practicing, learn from your mistakes and especially...HAVE FUN!!!

I think her last piece of advice - to have fun! - is something that we both really agree on. Blogging and crafting is supposed to be a blast! 

Now here's the part of Featured Friday that I REALLY love. We take one of Lauren's old designs and CASE it! I distinctly remember seeing the card I chose to case for the first time and I am pretty sure I stared at it for a good long while. 

The Original: 

Thud <--- sound of my jaw dropping. Right?!?! If any card is a work of art it would be THIS ONE!! It's made with tons of paper folded pieces and patterned paper. Lauren has a tutorial on her blog, if you'd like more details about how she pulled this off. 

Lauren's CASE

Lauren opted to go for a travel-themed card and this time around she used old falling apart maps and atlases to fuel her design. She folded all the pieces from the books and maps and repurposed them into something absolutely stunning!!


To be perfectly honest... I feel a little silly. There's no patterns on here! Doh! I started folding bits of white paper just to practice with and then I never stopped! I gessoed the whole bit to make the white paper firmer and give it more of a distressed paper mache feel and then I added a heavy layer of gelatos and blended all together. Lastly, I sponged a layer of Black Soot Distress Inks to really bring out the corners of my folded triangles. So, no patterns - but hey I'll just have to make another gorgeous card like this. 

I'm going to send this baby over to play along in the following great challenges: 
Addicted to Stamps - Make Your Mark
613 Ave Create - Anything Goes with Flag option

Thank you for popping by - Lauren has an extra card to share with you on >>>her blog<<< using this technique, in addition to that tutorial I mentioned earlier so you should definitely go say HELLO! and help to make her day EXTRA SPECIAL. That's what this bloggy community is all about - right?!


  1. WOW. Inspiration galore! lol ;) FAB Feature Friday and cards!

  2. ok, see, that *THUD* from a minute ago was MY JAW hitting the floor b/c HOLY MOLY how coooooooooool is this thing??!?!? luckily you have labelled it correctly, "best ever in the world"!!! :) (seriously WOW... this is totally brilliant (in every sense lol) i've gotta try doing the all white and then decorating it once assembled... never would've thought of that!)

    btw, thank you very much for the lovely feature and kind words! this was soooooo much fun! <3

  3. Gorgeous cards and love your version Becca x

  4. Sorry for not commenting in so long! But now I am back!
    Love the Featured Friday and learning more about fellow bloggers! The card you chose to CASE and both of your CASE's blew me away! LOVE them all so much! Oh my! Seriously awesome!

  5. what a fun post - love the original and your case - gorgeous!!!

  6. All of them are jaw dropping! As a matter of fact your blog is jaw dropping. I have to CASE this!! You have such talent and every post I always ooooo and aaaa.. Seriously, I am not kidding!! Have a great day and thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!

    1. That is so sweet! Thanks for the great comment.

  7. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Again, I'm picking up myself off the floor. Both Lauren & you have struck me dumb. Amazing work...these 3 need to be in a gallery somewhere. I have no words.

  8. Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo for Lauren!!!!!! Psstttt...she's absolutely fabulous in person and has a heart of gold!

    Such AWESOME inspiration ladies...LOVE everything!!!!

  9. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Again, I'm picking up myself off the floor. Both Lauren & you have struck me dumb. Amazing work...these 3 need to be in a gallery somewhere. I have no words.

  10. OMG _ this is stunnnnnnnnning! Have to look at the tutorial....... Not sure if I can muster the patience to do something like it......Swooning over your colors and everything else!

  11. Awesome feature, Becca!! The cards are amazing!! I love the original and both of your CASE's!! They are all amazing!! The colors of your card are so beautiful!! Thanks for another fabulous feature Friday!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

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    Happy to learn more of Lauren...happy to hear she likes MORE is MORE!

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  22. *waves* Lauren has been one of my bloggy pals forEVER. I love how she makes more-is-more work. And that CASE card? THUD, indeed. That girl is simply amazing, what can I say?

    And Becca? No apologies! Who said your paper needed to have patterns? It's stunning!

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    Then your take , seriously Becca, my mouth just opened and let a big gasp of amazement!!
    You are too good!

  28. Wow I am loving these cards!!! My favourite is the painted rainbow one "Best ever in the world". It's amazing!!!

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  32. WOW! I stared at these three cards for a good long while, Becca! Lauren's are amazing, and you've certainly done her creations justice with the dazzler of your own! So impressive! Thank you for the Featured Friday: how marvelous to learn more about fellow crafters - and finding another source of inspiration to add to my Feedly list!

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    two thumbs up for her card
    and yours...yeah swooning...
    I see your mixed media things on your card
    and the color so fantabulous
    Becca I am making CAS card why? because the little boys in my home still need me the Mama hehe
    I wish I can make mixed media and complicated cards too but its not my time this years..
    I love your post
    hugs, Monika

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