Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fusion Challenge - Buttons Galore Card!

Well peeps - it's time for another challenge on the ol' Fusion block. Today, I'm going to showcase my love of buttons, display some pretty little cards, AND tell an embarrassing story. So sit back, buckle up, and prepare for some awesomeness.

Before we get started, let's talk about the brand new, uber funky and cool inspiration image from Fusion -

Check out that explosion of ephemera. I will also state right now, for the record, that that insipration image is EXACTLY why I love visual challenges. I never would have put black stripes with pastel polka dots and kraft elements. But guess what - I will now! 


I took one look at that image and started gathering supplies that would match and then I just started layering and gluing and layering and gluing. 

This card is a mix of funky buttons, chipboard, and old earrings (that's what those leaf bead droplets are). 

And I couldn't just stop at one card - I made 2! 

I feel very Lauren Bergold-esque with my mix of elements and lack of stamping.


I hope that you'll go see what the rest of my Fusion sistahs made and play along in the new challenge, which will run for 2 weeks! 

I also wanted to play along in some other sweet challenges out there on the interwebs, so here they are: 

Unicorn Challenge - Happy Birthday


Now, I did promise you all an embarrassing story - so here goes. 
When I was a youngster, I had a button collection. I kept them in a little container in my room and would go through and admire my buttons from time-to-time. Sometimes, I even carried them with me in my pocket. 

One day, I went over to my cousins' house and I popped a button into my mouth (as kids do with practically anything) and was chewing on it. We were all roughhousing and playing together and my cousin threw a brick in my general direction that I think I was supposed to catch. Being the nonathletic person that I am, the brick instead hit my stomach, causing me to swallow the button. 

Panicking, I ran into the house where all the adults were playing a non-brick-throwing game and asked if I was going to choke or die because I had swallowed the button. 

My cousins, of course, were dying with laughter and they made a little rhyme that they still - to this day - will chant in the most public of places. 

"Becca, Becca button eater,
Had a button couldn't keep it.
Put it in her mouth, 
Thought it was yummy,
Swallowed it straight,
down to her tummy."

So now you know my deep, dark, button eating secret. ;) 

I hope you enjoyed the cards! Thanks for popping by!


  1. aha what a pretty card !! Not just one but two ,loved I know you button secret would I get some perks for not letting it out ;)

  2. Wonderful cards for this inspiration, Becca! Yay for buttons! I love 'em too!

  3. love your card and your story is a hoot - glad you didn't choke on it - you've inspired to dig out some of those buttons i've hoarded for too long!

  4. Ah ah ah!! :D Really embarrassing!!! :D But I'm so glad that you didn't suffocated yourself, the buttons are dangerous things for kids :)
    And hope that one of these buttons isn't the same you have eaten LOL :D :D
    Fabulous both the creations, love your arrangements and colours, and love expecially the first one card with the earrings!! Great inspiration!

  5. Wow your cards are many wonderful elements and details! And good thing there are no sharp corners on buttons!

  6. What beautiful cards!
    Wow on that brick game ;)

  7. These are just gorgeous Becca! Really love those fabulous buttons! :)

  8. Well, I see eating buttons (accidentally or otherwise) didn't stop you from collection them. Oh boy, am I ever glad you didn't. They add so much to the collage-y effect on these two cards. Have to say, never thought of this color combo either...but it is going on my list.

  9. Sweet card, and the button story...yikes that must have been scary as a child.

  10. Great cards Becca & fab story!

  11. What wonderful cards - so glad the 'accident' did not put you off appreciateing buttons, as these cards are gorgeous.

  12. I like all of the special well placed details you added to both of these pretty cards!! You did a fabulous job Becca Becca button eater!!

  13. You are so clever to put all these elements together and create a stunning card! Earrings! So clever! And, as a matter of interest, how many calories in a button ;)

  14. Gorgeous cards, Becca! And your cousins sound just like mine! ;-)

  15. wow Becca
    it was so long time ago I did not visit you again
    my mom was here in Munich 2 MOnths
    now I have time to blog hoping LOL
    I adore both
    they are having cute Button on your card
    so bright and happy colors
    love them both
    see you around Miss Becca

  16. Lovely the buttons are the bomb
    TFS Unicron Ch Lis Dt

  17. Awesome card Becca! And the next time your cousins chant that little ditty in public I give you permission to pop them on the back of the head. LOL

  18. I'm so crushing on those fabulous little earrings. These cards are the bomb. Maybe I should rethink my vat of buttons I never reach for? ;)

  19. Gees Becca you come up with the most AMAZING designs. Love them both. So funky. Great use of those buttons. Lucky you didn't swallow a BIG ONE! Oh! that earing - genies. Another fabulous posting.

  20. This is fabulous! Thanks for joining us at TTCRD xx Jan DT

  21. oh! Classic it! My Grandma had a 'button tin' that was my FAVE play item at her place. Wish I'd been given it when she died..... the buttons all became people or pets, or shops or money or items...... and got spread all over her house. Mrs Red button went to visit Mrs Blue and stopped on the way at the Button pie shop to buy etc etc... sorry DISTRACTED much! LOOOOOVe your cards.... that combo is gorg!!!

  22. What a gorgeous card! I love the buttons, especially that spotted one ~ it is beautiful! Such a fun card! Thanks for playing along with us at Unicorn Challenges!