Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Look Back at 2014

Both Mynn from On a Stampage and Deborah from A Scrapjourney have some link-ups going that are pretty darn neat. They're looking back at some of their favorite creations from 2014. They both do such amazing work - I can't believe they only picked a few cards! I thought it would be fun to play along. Also, Wendy over at Crafty Kiwi Mama is having a look-back link up with prizes. She invited me to play along, and I'm happy to join in. Go check it out!

I only just started blogging back in September, but it's been so eventful. I've been so blessed to have "met" some amazing friends. I'm all by my lonesome here in North Dakota - most of my family lives elsewhere and this is not the craftiest of communities! Having your encouragement through the blogosphere has really reignited my passion for creativity! 

Without further ado, here are my faves for the year:


I wanted to join in the fun over at Deborah Nolan's Society of Stampaholics Card Chain Challenge. It's an awesome monthly international card exchange. You had to have a blog or a Flickr account to sign up, so I took the plunge into the bloggy world. So you all really have Deborah to thank for my zany antics. 

September also marked the first time I participated in challenges. One of the first challenges I ever found was over at STAMPlorations and I entered this card. And I won! My heart almost gave out when I saw my card displayed in the winner's circle! I went on to win 3 other challenges that month, and my fate was sealed. I was a blogger. By the way - it's ok to laugh at my first attempt at a watermark! 


In October, I really began to stretch my creative wings and experiment with more artistic, interpretive cards. I had so much fun with this one, which was very personal to me. It marked a new chapter in my story, and the realization of a freedom I finally felt.

October was also the month that my Aunt Jerrie of Coloring Outside the Linez joined me in the bloggy world. Being legally blind, she is my crafting hero! It doesn't matter that she sometimes colors outside the lines (hence the blog name) or misplaces a glue dot somewhere, she keeps on doing what she loves. Having her to talk to about this new part of my life has been AMAZING - even if I do have to be her blog's technical support on-call technician. :)


By November, I was going crazy trying to figure out how to keep track of all the card challenges I wanted to participate in. I am a very visual person, so I wanted something that could hold pictures of the different challenges. 

And so, the Inspiration Station was born. Check out that link to see how I made it! I felt pretty chuffed when it was featured on Jen Shurkus's facebook page. 

It was a great month for me as I was accepted onto my first design team over at Eclectic Ellapu! I was (and still am) over the moon to be selected for a team with such talented designers! 

I also made this card to mark Veteran's Day, and to honor my family who have served. 

November was also a personally challenging month for me because my beloved Grandma, and longtime crafting companion passed away. She is so very, very missed and I want to thank all of you again for the outpouring of support. It meant so much during that difficult time.


December was a busy, busy month. and it saw some new changes. I made my second Design Team over at Crafty Gals Corner! Woooo! It's a new challenge blog and I can't wait until January when I get to start sharing their challenges with you. 

I also was invited by the fabulous Shery Russ of STAMPlorations to guest design. I did a full tutorial on how to stamp with sweetened condensed milk! 

I know I just shared this card yesterday, but it really is my favorite from the month. 

If you'll notice, I also debuted a new watermark. Haha! 

The New Year is already bringing some great things. I'm going to be Guest Designing at Mixed Media Mojo in January and have some other exciting news that I can't share quite yet! 

But most of all what I look forward to in 2015 is all of you. You seriously don't know how much your kind words, thoughts, and creativity make me smile! When I said I met some new friends, I genuinely mean that. Seeing your works of art keeps me inspired. I feel so deeply blessed and don't want to let go of this new world for anything.

So here's to you! Here's to bringing in 2015 with a bang!


  1. Becca, I love your post! I can not believe you have accomplished so much since September! It has been fun watching your creative talent being posted on you blog! I have enjoyed the last three months being your blog buddy. I look forward to your 2015 creations...I know they will be spectacular! I still think you should send me all of your cards!! Hugs, AJ

  2. Becca - loved looking at your 2014 creations and i hope that in 2015 we will be able to meet - i'll probably be in fargo for easter so let's think about meeting up then.

    1. Absolutely, Betty! I would LOVE to meet up with you. I'll email you. :D

  3. Sooo...I new that you were a new-ish blogger..... But if you hadn't said, there's NO WAY I would have thought THAT new..... You are a natural!!! Love the diversity of your faves....& that creation station idea is FABBO!!! Can't wait to see what other exciting things are both coming & bound to come your way in 2015:):)))

  4. TOTALLY gorgeous, Becca! WELCOME to blog land, too, btw! Your ideas are fabulous! I'm so glad to see you here in the blogsphere and let me know if you ever have questions via email! I had so many questions when I started and didn't know where to turn, so I kinda took way long to get into things. ;) Thanks for sharing with me at On a Stampage! HUGS and happy new year!!! :) Mynn xx

  5. Wow, Becca, what a fabulous showcase! So fun to look back and pick our favourites! I think I remember most of these! I like your new watermark too! Happy New Year!

  6. Congrats to all you have accomplished and in such a short time! I have been here for much much longer and have not received what you have from the world of card crafting but that doesn't mean I still don't enjoy it:) Happy New Year and can't wait to see more creativity from you

  7. Becca this is a stunning series of creations, a true showcase of your wonderful creative talent. Its hard to pick a favourite. Thank you so much for sharing them with your bloggy friends. Also wishing you a 2015 filled with tons of love and happiness xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  8. Only since September? and you have collected these amazing highlights already, you are in for big things GF, love them all (and the new watermark too)!

  9. Well for a newbie you certainly hit the ground running, such a different take on the same old thing. I hadn't realized you were new to this blogging lark, addictive ain't it?
    Like you I am in a new area and cut off from my old crafty friends so your kind words on my blog have been wonderful. Happy Crafting. x

  10. I guest Becca already cardmaker since she was baby...all her card all her technique sharing from her Grandma amazes me...All your cards you made with heart and see you found much bloggy friends I knew Kitty..Desire and Mynn deserve it to be on some DT they must be proud to have you...I am happy to know you through my HA friend Dawn...I have joined you through email..I will never pass you are such a swert girl...only 2-3 Month we knew each other I have got your sweet adorable cards...wishing u more success at new career n in cardmaking..hugs..Monika

  11. Happy New Year, Becca! Its great to have you in Blogland, Jo x

  12. You have taken the blog world by storm, Becca! I love your enthusiasm and your unique design style. Congrats on all of the milestones accomplished is such a short time. I know you will be even more successful in the new year. Here's to 2015!

  13. Awesome projects Becca! Happy New Year!

  14. These are all really cool projects Becca and I look forward to another year of your awesome posts! :) Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year in 2015! Hugs & Smiles - *Vicki*
    My Blog: Stamp Smiles

  15. Fabulous projects! I'm so glad you joined the blogging world - you're so encouraging of everyone and make gorgeous cards. I love your inspiration station, but I just know I'm way to lazy to keep up with that. Keeping track of all the challenges and their deadlines is a challenge junkie's nightmare :)

  16. So pleased to have "met" you Becca and look forward to seeing all your craftiness in 2015. Great five from 2014, love your Inspiration Station. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Carol x

  17. You have accomplished so much so quickly! Of course, with talent like this on display, it's no wonder. ;) Looking forward to more fabulousness in 2015!

  18. These are some seriously great picks! And omg, you have splashed into the bloggy world with a bang :)

  19. Becca, you hit the scene with such pizazz baby! I LOVE coming to see your crafty adventures and I'm so glad you found your way to us all through Deborah. Congrats on the DT posts, utterly deserved!! (We have one over at Fab 'n' Funky if you're interested?!) Thanks for linking up to my 'Top 12 of 2014'. Happy New Year hunny. Hugs, Wends xxxx

  20. every year i say i'm gonna do one of these and i never quiiiiiiiiiiiiite get to it. of course if i had schtuff like this to show off, i'd DO IT right away! ♥

  21. wow I didn't know you have only just started blogging!!! amazing work and love seeing what you've come up with!!!! your card holder is stunning!!

  22. OK, OK I am so impressed with your first cards and how they won challenges!! Good for you!! I have been doing this for quite some time now and have not had that honor yet!! Please give yourself the right amount of KUDOS for that accomplishment!!! I love your cards - the first one with the daisy grabbed hold and would not let go - no wonder it won!! And your utterly and completely awesome idea for keeping challenges straight is an inspiration to me and such a blessing to think that I could do something similar to keep things straight in my head!! You are wonderful for sharing and I am so glad you linked up and I found you!! KUDOS TO YOU!!!!!

  23. Wow what a great few months. So busy and so nice to see you doing so well. Hugz