Friday, November 7, 2014

Featured Friday!!! Jessi Fogan

Happy Friday everybody!! I just recently started blogging, and decided I wanted to do a regular "feature" segment each week. I thought and thought about the best thing to do (so that's where all that smoke came from), and then realized that my greatest inspiration comes from YOU! Why not feature the work of one of my regular blog readers? Each Friday, I'll be bringing you the work of one talented designer, and making my own card based on one of their creations!

So today, I have the FABULOUS Miss (actually she's a missus, sorry fellas) Jessi Fogan of One Crafty Mama. From almost the first time I started blogging, Jessi has left me encouraging and hilariously zany comments. And her talents in the craft room are amazing!! She's a master of bright, quirky cards and knows how to work one-layer creations like nobody's business. A resident of Canada, Jessi has two little boys who keep her hopping when she's not in the craft room. If you're ever looking to put a smile on your face, head over to her blog and you won't leave without one.

But why tell you about her myself when she can do it better. Here are seven things about Jessi:

How did you get your start in stamping?

1. My very first stamping 'stuff' I bought to make thank you cards after my wedding. I was really excited by the embossing powder! I didn't stick with it as a hobby - I saved all the things, but they ended up going unused for years afterwards. I picked stamping up again in 2003 when I started making cards to sell. I'd tell you what got me on that track but I honestly do not remember!

What types of things inspire you?

So many things. My crafty friends, both online and in person. Nature. Silly stuff. Memes.  I'm not sure I haven't been inspired by doing the dishes at some point!

What would you say is your stamping aesthetic?

I'm quirky. I like so many styles that I really feel comfortable with trying everything. In the past several years, I've noticed a shift towards a more clean-and-simple approach. I still love my patterned paper and embellishments though!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one crafting supply would you have to bring?

One crafting supply? What kind of hellish game is this?

Favorite card making challenges to participate in?

I'm lucky enough to be on three fabulous challenge teams, so obviously I'd have to say those are my top three!

Some of my other favourite challenges are those hosted by companies I love - The Stamping Chef , Bugaboo (Catch The Bug), and Tiddly Inks.
Really, there are SO many challenges (I could list easily 10 more I try to play in frequently)!

Fill in the blank: The one thing new stampers should know is ________.

Buy the good stuff. If you buy cheap glue, it'll show. Cheap stamps? You are throwing your money away. It is much better to have only a few stamps/inks than to have tons that don't give you a good result. Eventually you will get a feel for what you can buy as a bargain. 

What's your best organization tip for crafting supplies?

Well heck. If I had an organization tip of any kind I'd tell ya, but really? My style is I have to see all of it. See through bins. Piles on the desk. I am not a neat crafter :)
I have to admit, I cracked up a time or two while reading her responses! I hope you'll get to know her and give her some bloggy love. 
Jessi sent me over some of her favorite cards, and we decided we were BOTH going to case this little cutie:

The Original

Her original card is so stinking cute! Look at that little monster! And the fact that she was able to do it all with one layer? I am so jealous because I just can't do it... Jessi is going to have to teach me her ways.

My CASE Card 

I loved the way Jessi created her own print by stamping Thank Yous over and over again in bright, overlapping colors. And I knew I wanted to incorporate the monsters too! They come from a really old Stampin' Up set. I didn't have the perfect sentiment, so I created my own using two different sentiments and handcoloring the parts I wanted to include with markers.  Eye think it turned out really cute, but I had some AMAZING inspiration to work from. 

Jessi's CASE Card:

Oh my goodness! I am in love with her little present-toting monster! She and I must have been on the same wavelength when it came to googly eyes! And the layers here are amazing! Look at those glitter stars on top of that white dry embossing. Jessi's work is always so fresh and bright. Like I said, her cards make you smile and this one is living proof. Ok... maybe not living?

Head over to her blog, One Crafty Mama, where she tells you how she made it.


In honor of my first Featured Friday, I've got a little sumpin' sumpin' for one lucky reader. I'll be sending you these lovely flowers and some coordinating ribbon, along with a homemade card, of course! 

You can get up to two entries. Here's how: Leave a comment on Jessi's blog and then come back here and leave a comment on mine! Make sure you follow my blog because the winner will be announced right here on Thursday, Nov 13. Just in time for my next Featured Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm entering this into Curtain Call's Boho Bright and the Craft Hoarder's Anonymous Challenge - For All That you Do, Thank You challenge. And since Jessi recommended Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers, I'm going to enter this into their T is for Thanks...For Nothing challenge. It runs for a whole 'nother week so head on over and join in!


  1. Even better - that's my birthday :) woot! Excellent day for blog candy! I absolutely LOVED being your first...hmmm, that sounds inappropriate! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you crazy amazing lady!

  2. Everybody has to love Jessi! She is an awesome designer and has a killer sense of humor. Just reading bits about her had me cracking up, especially her comment about the game. Big fan of Jessi' all the cards :)

  3. "Hellish game" Buahahaha! Love Jessi's comments, but love the CASEd cards as much! Wow, you too have some serious talent!

  4. What a fun feature! I loved reading all about Jessi! I'm off to check out her blog now! Great cards - hers and yours! And thanks for the candy - it looks delicious! Off to see Jessi's blog now...

  5. AWE!! This is such a sweet post about your friend!! Both your set and her set of creations are very inspiring here! I have visited Jessi's blog a few times and she is a very clever crafty girl for sure and I know I'll be around to see what both you and her are up to! :) Thanks for sharing this! HUGS

  6. Becca--You know what they say...Genius minds think alike!! You've got something fun going on today here at your blog and I've got something fun going on at my blog, too!!! :) LOL!!! (Thanks for coming over & leaving your comment....but where's your answer to my trivia question?) ;)
    I love Jessi, too!! I've been following Jessi since I first started blogging, too and love her style and sense of humor! I met Jessi through The Drunken Stampers!!! She's FAB--So are You!! I'm so glad that I found you through Jessi's blog :) Good Luck with your give-away!!! XOXO-Shari

  7. Too funny-trying to bring one craft item to a desert isle?? Hahahaaaaaaa. Love the idea you are doing and showcasing great people. her cards are great and the monster(s) are so funny-love the eyes. This put a smile on my face:)

  8. What a lovely post, Jessi is one of my favourite blogland girls and I love her cards. Your CASE work is fab. Have a great crafty weekend, hun, Jo x

  9. Super fantastic blog feature Becca! How can you go wrong with the lovely (missus) Jessi!
    You both did a fab job on the CASE cards! Awesomesauce!!!!

  10. Becca, what a neat idea to have feature Friday! What a surprise you choose googly eyes!!

  11. Great idea on the Feature Blogger and you couldn't have picked anyone better or more fun! Loved reading her responses to the questions too!
    Your monster card is so cute - Lovin' those googly eyes!!!

  12. great Idea and I wish I have time to do like this Becca
    but I agree if you inspired by someone why dont you make post like appreciated and love to see this my friend
    her card is so cute
    and your take on super cuuuteee lovely stamping with all the colors and very good coloring the monster
    Love your card and post...I will answer you soon dear..was so hectic... :)
    hugs, Monika
    I love the googly eyes tooooo..

  13. How fun! You both did great cases of the original card--love how you kept all the basics but made it your own, Becca!

  14. Lovely post Becca. Jessi's card is delightful and love your case of it.

  15. Great choice for your first Featured Friday! Both you and Jessi did a great job CASEing her card. And how perfect that it is a thank you card, so that you could join us at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!

  16. Your monsters are adorable. Great case of a card.

    Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Hoarders Anon :)

  17. Awesome guest choice, I love to read Jessi's blog every day sometimes there are many posts to read as well, Jessi does have a way with one layer cards, Fine job casing Jessi's card and perfect for entering the T is for Thanks (for nothing) at The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers, Thanks for joining us for the challenge.

  18. Thanks for putting Jessi in the spotlight. It's fun to read her! I am still not sure about all this Clean and Simple stuff. I will have to do further research. The little monsters are fantastic. Thanks for joining us at the Snarky Sisterhood.

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  21. Jessi is a hoot and so talented! I love your feature, Becca!! I do a similar DJKASE when I can; I should do you next in appreciation of your support of others in our corner of Blogland! Your CASE of Jessi's card is brilliant!! (No thank on the generous offer of candy; I'm on overload over here so I'd rather it go to someone who's not a pig like me when it comes to product, lol!) Hugs, Darnell

  22. PS The button FINALLY let me in to follow you! Whoot!!

  23. Love your little monsters! Thanks for joiining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  24. I'm a sucker for googly eyes! They just always make me grin from ear to ear! This is such a cute card, and thanks for introducing me to Jessie. Her work is really fun! Thanks for sharing this with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  25. Hi Becca...Jessi sure is a talented lady, love her bright and wacky both did a fab job on CASing the inspirational pic. And to offer some candy to encourage your Featured Friday segment is really lovely. Thanks for all you encouraging comments too. Cheers Robyn

  26. Great job casing, Becca. What a fun feature. I am heading over to Jessies in just a minute, and will leave a comment. (please don't include me in the draw--i have been way lucky lately.)

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  29. FANTASTIC Post Girlie! what a pleasure it was to get to know "our Jessi" just a little bit more! WE LOVE HER TOOO! I also really love your interview idea what a refreshing addition to a regular blog post... Thanks for sharing your card with us over at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers this week... and I hope to see a lot more of youuuuuu! Grin

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