Friday, March 13, 2015

Featured Friday!!! - Laura Jane Head

Two evenings ago I screamed at a piece of card stock. Screamed. And then I cried a little, too.
But before I jump ahead of myself, let me begin at the beginning.

If you are a faithful reader of this blog, (bless your hearts and everything else about you!) then you know that I have a special little segment called Featured Fridays in which I tell you all about an inspiring blogger I've met over the Internets and now have the pleasure of calling a friend. 

As I was considering a featuree for March, I saw a stunning creation and just knew that I wanted to showcase Miss (or Mrs., I guess - sorry fellas)

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Laura Jane Head

I'd bumped into Laura's blog due to some awesome gallery images that I had to click through to check out, but really got to know her more after we both made the DT cut over at STAMPlorations. She's so sweet and talented AND she wears amazing hats - so yeah. It's like a perfect friendship match, right?!

Laura Jane has been married for 23 years (wowzas!!) and has 6 awesome kiddos (double wowzas!!) whom she home schools. Well, actually, two of them have graduated now (to which Laura Jane says a resounding YAY!!). Laura Jane loves art therapy and crafting is her favorite way to relieve stress. 

Here's the thing about Laura's work... it is AMAZEBALLS! Seriously, the things this woman does with a couple of stamps, a layer of cardstock, and some ink leaves my jaw a-thuddin' every single time. Her creations are vibrant, clean, and have amazing depth.
Here are some of my favorite Laura Jane originals:



She's got a signature style that makes me smile every time I see what she's dreamed up. 

But why let me do all the talking, here's 7 great things Laura Jane can tell you about herself:

1. How did I get my start in stamping?

Traditional school was not for me..starting in the fourth grade, cutting class so I could create things with paper/fabric paints and thread became the norm. I found that I could make up an entire week's worth of homework in a few short hours and still keep a good GPA. Art was the only class I excelled in, however, drawing frustrated me and  my handwriting, (worse than any doctor's) always seemed to mar the finished product. I've always enjoyed creating handmade Thank Yous and Christmas cards. When my kiddos got old enough to help make cards I looked into making the sentiment easier.
In 2010 the Stamp maker from TC looked like just what I needed, however I could not get my printer to work with the program correctly..on to plan B..Ready-made stamps:))) and then the clear stamps... Best find EVER!!! And then I found all the video tutorials sharing how to use stamps with techniques other than the usual ink pad and stamp. YAY!!

2. Who/what is my biggest crafty inspiration?

The desire to grow my personal relationship with Jesus and think on pure, lovely things and pass that on to others is my drive. My love of Flowers, Technique videos, Pinterest and Fabric designs are my biggest inspiration starting points.

3. If I were to be any crafting product, it would be....

A blank piece of paper. The possibilities are endless in the hands of my Creator!

4. You'd never guess it, but my biggest crafty secret is ____!

REALIZING that something perfect is not going to come from me, but gives a certain freedom to get messy and take chances. I am mortally flawed from the beginning of my existence. Anything Beautiful and GOOD comes from my Heavenly Father, which also includes my art.
I'm not afraid of making a mess if I'm keeping my eyes on Him. He creates the Masterpieces through me.

5. What are some of my favorite challenge blogs to play along in?

  • Virginia's View...I love how her family gets involved in the Spotlight feature:)
  • STAMPlorations Challenges....The owner, Shery, really encourages that experimental element in creating!
  • The Card Concept.....Where I've learned what the different card making styles are.
  • PTI Make It Monday...Good place to learn the latest techniques.
  • Waffle Flower Challenge...I just like their simple designs.

6. How many stamp sets do I have that I've never used before?

This is embarrassing to say...more than 50...I just got a haul of new Stencils too :/

7. My biggest advice for new bloggers/stampers would be _______________.

Don't get caught up in the need for affirmations left in comments. He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli is a good reminder for me.


 Choosing a card to CASE from Laura Jane's stash was not easy!! There were so many beauties that I had to stare at them for awhile before I could decide. 

The Original:

Ultimately I wound up going with a card that I knew would require a lot of work - I just didn't realize how MUCH work because I'd never tried to masking before, really. But I fell in love with the depth that was on one tiny layer of cardstock and I was determined to take the plunge. 

Laura Jane's CASE:

I can't believe that I could love any card as much as the original, but Laura Jane outdid herself with this springy creation here! It's an entire bouquet of gorgeousness!! 


I stuck pretty darn close to the original. I loved the mandala-esque flowers. Now. Back to the screaming bit. Let me just explain to you that masking is HARD! Firstly, you have to make sure that every image stamps correctly the first time or throw away the paper. Even if you stamp 3 images right and then the 4th one is slightly off throw away the paper or if you smudge the ink while you're trying to hold down the mask throw away the paper. And then you finally do get it all placed exactly right without smudging and you stare at it for a second and gulp because you're now too terrified to make a mistake whilst coloring!! 

Haha - I went through two-and-a-half hours and five sheets panels of cardstock before I was satisfied. :) 

I'm going to send my card on over to the following challenges:

But Laura Jane also kindly sent over some of her masking tips and I thought I'd share them with you (in case you haven't masked before either):

  • Stamp on Post-it notes that are FULL ADHESIVE for the masks. Then save then for future use:)
  • Add grey to shadow the hides a TON of "outside the lines."
  • Blenders also can do wonders for creating cool effects like that around the inside of the heart.
  • Start with a natural fiber cardstock like PTI Rustic Cream...again it hides a lot due to the varying flecks of color.
  • I like to use many different mediums to color with, layering them to make it look "like I meant to do that" :)
So there you have it, this has been another episode of Featured Friday, brought to you by the letter M. 

Now PLEASE go leave Laura Jane some awesome comments on her blog! I know it would make her day! 


  1. Becca, I love Laura Jane she is absolutely a sweetheart and fabulous crafter. I just loved your feature on her! Don't take this personally but your screaming at paper and then your description had me laughing out LOUD! Been there been there--ugh! Perfection following by one image that isn't dead on and just wreaks the whole card! Well I think your card you made is gorgeous and an excellent CASE of Laura Jane!

  2. What a great and inspiring post Becca!
    Thank You for sharing Laura Jane's art with us ;)

  3. always enjoy reading these posts, Becca - wonderful "cases" today!!

  4. Thanks for sharing Laura Jane with us Becca xx

  5. Super post Becca and an excellent CASE! Hugs Carole Z X

  6. Looks like she makes some really stunning creations!! Your CASE of her work is really beautiful! I do love those flowers and how you've put your design together here!! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. FABULOUS Featured Friday, Becca!! I've run along Laura's blog, too and she's great!! Oh and Becca--it's OK to scream at our supplies!! :) :) LOL!! :) :) Too funny!! I 'scream' at the items that seem to run off my table--'Where did you go?' is something that I yell regularly!! :) LOL!!
    I'm so glad you're learning masking--it's an awesome, must know technique and you should see the pads of post-it notes that I have!! When my hubbie asks where the post-it notes are....I stay quiet!! :) And keep those masks, too!!! Keep any masks that you make with those stamps!!
    Fabulous, happy CASEd cards today, Becca!! Happy Friday to you!! XOXO-Shari

  8. Absolutely gorgeous cards!! Her style is so beautiful!! Excellent CASE!! The flowers are all so fabulous!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. your case is amazing!! LOVE all the colors and flowers!!! love seeing her work!!

  10. Beautiful! Love the colorful flowers! Great job coloring the fine detail Becca!

  11. WOW! 6 kids, home schooled...I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Then I look at Laura's work and think, where the heck does she find the time? I'm seriously in awe of her talent. It's, well, AWEsome. Your CASE of her card is pretty darn awesome, as well. Really loved it.

  12. WOW! 6 kids, home schooled...I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Then I look at Laura's work and think, where the heck does she find the time? I'm seriously in awe of her talent. It's, well, AWEsome. Your CASE of her card is pretty darn awesome, as well. Really loved it.

  13. A great case Becca, love the bright flowers, cheers up a v dull cold day.
    Currently trying to bring two lambs back to something like after they got cold and wet this aft!

  14. Becca, Your gift of words continues to amaze me..I laughed, I cried, are too kind.
    Now your card is Spot -On Fabulous!! The color choices are truly HAPPY Good depth in the shading. I'm so glad you gave masking a go!!
    Thanks for having me for the day at your blog. You are a Blessing to me.

  15. Another fabulous Featured Friday Becca. Love Laura Jane's work and the card you cased is no exception. You've done a fabulous CASE....I feel your frustrations lol but Laura Jane's CASE is just wonderful! Carol x

  16. Loved your feature, and your case is awesome.

  17. Laura Jane's cards SCREAM happy, no wonder you were attracted to her/them! And you know, obv you did a different kinda screaming there for a whiles.....but hey! It was worth the effort. BRILL take on hers!!! So happy to see another awesome Friday-er here:):)

  18. So fun getting to know sweet Laura Jane a bit better Becca!! Her work is beautiful and your case of her masked card is spot on!! You did a beautiful job and your coloring is terrific!!

  19. Wow times two! Laura Janes work is beautiful, and is yours! Thanks for sharing your screaming story too! Hugs...

  20. Beautiful cards! So bright and welcoming. You did a great CASE and love the colours-they just jump off the page

  21. I'm new to Laura Jane's work so it was wonderful to have you highlight it here! She's an amazing artist, and I love that her confidence is in God rather than herself! Your CASE is so fantastic! You are a talented artist as well!

  22. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this post and love the tips too.. I will go and say HI to this amazing featured artist.. Have a fabulous weekend!

  23. Great interview by Laura Her cards are stunning and I have to say all your effort was worth it ~ the outcome is simply amazing Becca. Well done!

  24. What a truly delightful me we have all been in your shoes and done the screaming and crying part! However, can I just say how much I LOVE the MISTI? It will save you a ton of paper and frustration...just sayin'! Now on to your beautiful card that you is awesome! That was a labor of love and it shows. And you selected a Masterpiece to try your hand at masking for the first time! Thank you for sharing it at Seize the Birthday!

  25. I love your gorgeous flowers. Worth the hassle I think...but I didn't spend all that time stamping LOL. Thank you so much for participating this week at the Mod Squad Challenge

  26. Oh my goodness, Becca, good for you for sticking with it. It was well worth it in the end because your card is just stunning. I would have screamed and cried (and maybe even cussed a little too) after the 3rd try and QUIT :-) I remember a card I laboured over and just when I got it all right and the way I wanted it, my puppy got a hold of it and decided that card shredding was in order. To this day, I still believe he ate half of it because there were pieces I just couldn't find! Yes, I did refrain from ringing his neck :-) After all, he was the cutest lil puppy ever! :-)
    Lena’s Creations

  27. Such a fun feature!!!! Love the inspiration card and what you and LauraJane have gorgeous!!

  28. Wow!! Your card came out stunning!! I love all the masking and the coloring on it. I so know how you feel about masking. Been there, done that. It is darn hard and some people can make it look so effortless!! I have to have a lot of time to do it but it does come out beautiful if you can get it right! (I rarely do!) Thank you for doing this fun challenge. Now off to Laura Jane's blog.

  29. Becca......
    I did scroll down scroll up down up
    to see how the card you have CASE ing from Laura and to see yours
    you picked nearly the same Image woohooooo
    and stunning CASE ing you made
    and Laura card is also Stunning
    WOWZER CARD again my friend
    now your turn...hope you like to hop at my blog too..
    I finished commenting all hope not forget one hehe I worked from down post to the give you some love Becca :)
    hugs, Monika

  30. Becca - what you have done for my heart today is amazing and then add a dollop of Laura Jane's love for others and her desire to look to God have just incredibly lifted and inspired me today!!! Eye candy for my eyes - SO MUCH OF IT!!! Love the cases done by both of you!! Just very incredibly awesome - you inspire and you lift!!! Thank you!!!

  31. Wow! Great cards, i love all yourbright colors. Just happened to come across your blog and I am now a follower, I hope you will follow me also

  32. Becca, thank you for featuring Laura! I love the vibrant colors! All gorgeous cards and your CASE is gorgeous! Going to visit Laura's blog now and leave some love! :)

  33. What a fabulous and fun post, Becca ... great to get to know a little more about Laura Jane ... love that she puts God at the centre of everything! Her self CASE is lovely ... and yours is stunning ... such depth and richness! Anita :)

  34. WOW...what a fabulous post. I loved reading about Laura Jane and her process, she is one amazing stamper. And your case of her card is just incredible. Love all the beautiful colors and your design is stunning.

  35. LOVE this post LOVE the featured projects! You are an incredible stamper, Becca. Make no mistake. And you picked one of my stamping heroes. Excuse me whle I go back and gawk some more.
    hugs Asha

  36. Laura is surely very talented and I just love the fun hat. Your Case card is stunning and so vibrant in colours too.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  37. Masking is one of those things that when it goes right, is AMAZEBALLS and OMG I SHOULD DO THIS ALL THE TIME LOOK AT ME GO! and when it goes wrong, you're like oh crap, wow, do I ever suck at this. Deceptively easy-seeming, really. I can so relate to the 'um, scared to colour now'. So glad you stuck with it because WOW girly!

  38. Becca, this is a pretty could send it to me with a little Easter greeting!! Five sheets of cardstock is a lot but the end result was worth it!!

  39. Your CASE card is gorgeous! I know that masking is very time consuming and fiddly - but when it works there is such an immense feeling of satisfaction that it makes it all worthwhile!

  40. Great CASE . Fab blog post x

  41. You two talented ladies have left my jaw a-thuddin', that's for sure! The original, the Laura CASE, and the Becca CASE are ALL magnificent works of colorful art! The BEST! Great interview, too!! Hugs, Darnell

  42. Whoa - came to say this card of yours is a treat for the eyes. And it is. But what a wonderful post. Love Laura Jane's artsy work and it was great to learn more about her.

  43. WOW! You case'd this BEAUTIFULLY! What a great job Becca!
    ♥ Samantha
    Designs by Sammy

  44. WOW! You case'd this BEAUTIFULLY! What a great job Becca!
    ♥ Samantha
    Designs by Sammy

  45. Becca I loved reading your blog this morning!!! Made me laugh out loud.... Featuring Laura was brilliant I am a huge fan of hers as well! Those are all gorgeous cards of hers and your CASE is AMAZING!!!! So glad you linked up with us at STB...or I may have missed this beauty and this post! HUGS!

  46. I just avoid masking all together! Way too stressful! LOL! Your efforts were worthwhile - this is stunning. Thanks for playing along with Seize the Birthday.

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