Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Traveling Fool - O is for Old-Fashioned

So there I was. Staring at a key which apparently had no home in the car. I searched for a keyhole. I rattled the steering wheel. I checked by the cd player. Nothing. Finally, I had to get out of the rental car to ask the attendant if I was crazy. Apparently, the car was from the future because it didn't require a key to start, just the press of a button. Say what???

I am currently bored in a hotel room in West Virginia, which is beautiful, by the way! The lush, rolling hills and fall colors drastically differ from the flat, windblown landscape of North Dakota. I called my boss and told her I might not come back! I'm presenting tomorrow at a rural health conference (gulp*) here. Unless I die of nerves tonight...

I remembered that I had some pictures on my phone of some cards I could share with you, so I thought I'd do that to prevent myself from dwelling on my impending doom.

The challenge at Simon Says Stamp is "O is for...." and my O is for Old-Fashioned, because it uses an old-fashioned car on an old-world map. I'm sorry about the not-so-great photo, but  I was in a hurry to pack and only had brief time to whip something up. 

I made my own background, so I could participate in the Craft-room Challenge's "Make your Own Background" theme. I had lots of fun creating this, and wish I had thought to get a close up photo because the background so pearly and beautiful. The creative crafters at the Craft-room Challenge have some GREAT inspiration cards so go check it out!

For the left half of the card, I dipped my background into blues and then inked the old-world map stamp (from Northwoods Rubber Stamp Co, I believe) with some Perfect medium. Then I brushed over it with blue Perfect Pearls. I then stamped the image a second time using Distress Inks Vintage Photo. 

The right half of the card was made using Tim Holtz's "The Journey" stamp set. I stamped a ticket in the background with old paper and then embossed the car with a brown powder. This card opens in the center, for a really cool layout. (again, forgive the rushed photo)

In order to keep it closed, I glued on two tickets and used an Xacto knife to create a closing slit. 

One other thing I'd like to ask of you lovely folks is this: My Aunt Jerrie started her own blog because she wanted to participate in Jingle Belle's Pink Christmas charity challenge. Here's her card

Now the thing about my Aunt Jerrie is, she's LEGALLY BLIND! Yes, you read that right. I've mentioned before about how my family has played such a role in my love of crafting and Aunt Jerrie is no exception to that rule. She has the best sense of humor and the most beautiful cardmaking aesthetic. Her eyesight has gotten progressively worse, but she keeps on crafting. She uses magnifying glasses and other tools to be able to see. As she says, "Hey, I might color outside the lines and my paper might not match exactly, but I don't let that stop me".

It would mean so much if you could go cheer her on with a comment! Here's her blog:

Last, but not least, I'm debuting a new 'do. I ditched the blond and decided to go back to my natural roots. Unfortunately, my hair dresser went way darker than my natural color. I was shocked to see almost black! After recovering, I realized I don't hate it. What do you think?

I adore reading through your comments and hope to return the favor on your blogs, so drop me a line to let me know you've been here!


  1. First off, you will do great tomorrow! Count to 3 and take 3 deep breathes and talk nice and slow. Nothing is worse than a fast talker but you will do great! You card is great and I have to think about how you did the left side. I have to read that again. You Aunt's card is amazing! Does she have macular degeneration? My mom has that and she gave up because she could not do things perfect. I love her card and the tree that is mixed in pink and gold. I will visit her now

  2. Love your Old Fashioned card, I'm a sucker for anything vintage and Tim Holtz! And love your new do, I think it suits you very well. Your Aunt's card is beautiful, I followed the link from the Jingle Belles site to take a peek at it a few days ago because it was so striking. And now to find that she has diminished site makes it that much more incredible! Hope your presentation went well, public speaking gives me the shivers too!

  3. Hi, Becca! I have to ask - where in West Virginia was your presentation?? I was born and raised in WV but haven't lived there for a long time. I am sure you did just fine. And, I think you look beautiful with your hair this color; but you are beautiful anyway. LOL I am going to visit your aunt's blog now; her card is amazing!!!

  4. Me, again! I forgot to say how much I love your card - that is one fabulous background. This style of card is what I call a "gatefold" card. Using the tickets to make the closure is a very clever idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I'm sure your presentation will go without a hitch, Becca. I get the impression you're quite a gal & can accomplish anything! Have to say, you look fabulous with the new hair color, even if it's darker than your natural shade. You're definitely a brunette, my friend! Wonderful, vintage card--love the design! Your aunt's card is beautiful--off to tell her so!

  6. Becca, Love Tim Holtz and the way your old world map turned out. Your card screams VINTAGE!! You are beautiful in any hair color because your beauty come from your heart, Thanks for the shout out...I had fun making my card and might do a second one. Hugs, Jerrie

  7. Becca,,,Your Aunt card is adorable love the color combo and nice note paper...and your OLD FASHION card is really manly..I love the stamp..and the old world map is perfect for that car Image...great manly card sweety.. :)

    May I ask you I already klick to follow you..but maybe you should "change" the setting cause my little face (profile picture) is not shown..hmmmm,....I hope you can fix it and then you can see how much follower at your Blog Becca (look please at my left side area on my Blog)..hugs and kisses from Munich, Monika

  8. Well I hope your presentation went well it will never ever be so nerve racking again. The car sounds a whole lot scarier no key! push a button to start!! What would the Flintstones make of that?

    I love your card and the fantastic double stamped background you made thank you for making and sharing with us at Craft-Room Challenge XOXO Zoe

  9. Wonderful pictures and post.

    Hugs Diane

  10. What afab place u were in !! I am sure u did awesome at the conference. Fab card and ur aunt's card is awesome too

  11. Fabulous cards, love them both!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Craft-Room Challenge;-))m

  12. I can't wait to hear how your presentation went! Nerves are the worst, eh? Your hair looks MAHVELOUS! I totally understand the colour shock - last week I went for a haircut, and she cut it much shorter than I'd thought she was going to. IT takes a couple days to recover!
    Your card is awesome - and I'm off to your Aunt's blog to leave her some love :)

  13. Love the layers of color and texture on your handsome travel card. Thanks for playing along with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge! Your Aunt is very inspiring and her card is beautiful.

  14. Sucha great card with lots of lovely textures and layers. Thank You so much for sharing with us at Craft Room Challenge this fortnight.
    I like your hair colour and I love the card created by your aunt too

    Best Wishes
    Annie x

  15. Hoping your presentation went well! Your hair ROCKS! Love the dark tresses! Your card is fabulous, and now I'm off to check out your Aunt's blog!